Your involvement helps us celebrate!

What a first week after launch it has been! Here’s what’s happening:

Fundraising: Still more kind donations have come in, with nearly $500 in already. Latest all-star supporters: Susan G., “Anonymous”, Janet R., and Sophorn C.–thanks so much!

Facebook: Our Facebook page now has 47 likes. Let’s try to get to 50 by the end of the day. An easy and very important contribution that would mean a lot to us is to just Share the page with your friends.

CP news: Here is a new post that describes cerebral palsy and some of the challenges that kids with CP face. They are true endurance athletes that face life with endless smiles and usually a joyful view of their different realities.

The Cincinnati Children’s CP program is hosting its annual Aaron W. Perlman Memorial Symposium for Cerebral Palsy on April 24th. The organizers have put together a tremendous program

Jason: Our Jason will be celebrating his 17th birthday on March 4th! Yesterday he started the celebration with attending a Chinese Dance concert. He was easy to recognize as he was the only one shouting “Bravo” after every dance, and as usual saying “Hi” and “Peace Out!” to everyone who passed by. Also, he started shaving today, shedding his peach fuzz moustache. We had recently been calling him Pedro after the character in Napoleon Dynamite.

Training: A rest week this week, just 10 flat miles in the light and sloppy snow this morning. Thursday’s early morning run turns out to be a comical disaster. After convincing the group that it would be great fun to run on the cleared but still snowy paved trails in the park and in the dark, I slip on an unexpected ice patch and go down instantly on the first step of the trail! Here’s the impressive-looking result:


It was actually much worse looking than the actual scrape, luckily no pain and no problems except a bruised ego. Gotta be more careful!

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