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Yesterday, I was extremely fortunate to help represent Cincinnati Children’s Impact Pediatric Health team at the SXSW festival in Austin. This was a shark tank-like event, where 10 innovative start-ups pitched to the four leading children’s hospitals. There were many cool and creative ideas, several of which were motivated by parents who had struggled with their own personal stories for their children. Mark Cuban presided over the event and was very cool alongside his whip-smart business savvy–he is quite impressive. Best of all was his spontaneous offer to help fund the last entry, which turned out to be the winner: CareAline, a simple idea from a mom to create fitted and stylish garments to put over central line ports and avoid allergies and rashes. Here’s a few photos:

IMG_1546 IMG_1548

What was best was later somehow stumbling into a talk named “Not Impossible: Crowd-Solving a Human Future“. This amazing non-profit solicits requests from around the world from people needing help, and their team of engineers and developers tries to solve challenging problems with the help of corporate partners looking to market their solutions. Here’s what they did for cerebral palsy: they empowered a team of teens to create a robot walking device for kids with CP.

Check out all the other inspiring things the company is doing to assist those with physical challenges at

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