Your involvement helps us celebrate!

Here’s the latest news at Celebrating Perseverance:

Fundraising: Thanks to tremendous support from you, we did it! Not only did we reach our first milestone of $1,000 this week, we are well on our way to our next goal of $2,000. We have had some additional donations from that mysterious “anonymous” supporter, along with a fantastic gift from Mary D. Thanks again to all of you!

CP news: National Cerebral Palsy Awareness month continues for a few more days. Our partner organization, the Cincinnati Children’s CP program, had a very successful 5K fundraiser last weekend. Here is a recap of the event, with some great pictures as well.

Facebook: We made our first mention on the Cincinnati Children’s CP program’s Facebook page!

Other news: Cincinnati Children’s has sent out an announcement about our efforts to its donor base through its monthly newsletter, so we should see our community grow even more. Thanks for all the pub!

Jason: Another awesome sled hockey practice for Jason last night, we will post some pictures and a video soon.

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