Your involvement helps us celebrate!

We have been very busy the last few weeks, both as a family and in training. The next few posts will get you up to speed.

First up: As promised, below are some action shots of Jason at one of his sled hockey practices. This has been terrific not only for Jason, but also for his brother Ryan, who has helped out some of the kids and participated himself as he learns what it’s like to have motor disabilities. Many of the kids on Jason’s team are extremely talented, and they play in tournaments around the region and beyond. We are deeply indebted to the kind folks behind the Cincinnati IceBreakers, especially passionate founder Renee Loftspring, who without hesitation took in Jason, assisted him on the ice, showed us the ropes, and made us feel as we were a part of the family. Be sure to like the team here.

And now that our hockey season is over, on to Jason’s best love, BASEBALL! Challenger Baseball starts in 2 weeks, we can’t wait!

Here are some pictures of Jason on the ice, and some videos posted here:


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