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Pete’s been busy building up his fitness for Superior 100. In the next few days, we will post a few recent workout highlights. 5he

April 4th: This weekend, I again faced a peak running weekend. I was hoping to ramp up to a 5 hour run on trails on Saturday and another 2 1/2 again on Sunday. Back I trudged early in the morning to my emerging nemesis, East Fork State Park, which is the only place relatively close that has enough trails to keep things from not being overly repetitive. The weather was excellent, the trails were still swampy in only a few locations, and I felt great this Saturday. I came out early to run the first few miles in the dark, so I could get a bit of nighttime practice in for the Laurel Highlands warmup race that is coming up all to fast (June 13th, and a scary 70 miles!). I felt strong throughout, and before I knew it, I’d knocked off an estimated 25 miles or so–woohoo! Even better, the run Sunday also went great, mainly due to the nice support I routinely get from my local running buddies.

Just two more really tough weekends before Laurel Highlands, and I am very glad. It’s really amazing to me that I’ve gotten this far in my training, just by adding 20 or 30 minutes to each long run. The last few miles are typically a real struggle, but then my body is ready to go that much farther the next time. Hopefully, this keeps working, because I’m going to need it to!

April 9th: On the road again to Bethesda, Maryland. I’m here frequently and always run on the local bike path. This morning, I again felt great and found myself getting a pretty speedy 4 miles in. Glad to know I still have a bit of quickness in me.

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