IMG_0018Your involvement helps us celebrate!

Jason LOVES to sit at busy streets and say hello to cars. Wherever we’ve lived, Jason’s had a special place to sit, and he is quickly known as the “mayor” of his spot. People wave, honk, stop and chat, and even have been know to bring him presents!

A few weeks ago while sitting out, a special man named Jack stopped by. Jack rides with a local car club, and he offered to organize a special drive by of the club’s special cars, just for Jason. What an awesomely kind idea!

This is rapidly turning into a serious event. The club is looking for a charity, so they will be raising money just for Celebrating Perseverance. We expect a large number of special hot rods and old-time cars to participate. We have friends, neighbors, and family also involved to help turn this into a local event, and our town’s police department will be on hand. We also expect that Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will be on hand to help out.

Here are details of the car rally:

Date: Saturday, June 20th

Time: 2:00 PM

Place: Cornell Rd and Woodlands Way, Blue Ash OH

Information or to help out:

Please come by and check it out!

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