Your involvement helps us celebrate!

July 13th: Here’s the latest news on All-Star eve at Celebrating Perseverance

Fundraising: We have now raised over $1,400 for the CP program. As Jason would say, “Holy SmOKES!” Many thanks to Helen D. for recently pledging support to us, and to everyone who has contributed. Let’s keep it going!

Car Rally: The Woodlands Way car rally is set to launch on Saturday, August 1st at 2 PM. We can’t wait to see these souped-up hotrods parading through the neighborhood!

CP news: Here is an amazing local organization who support kids with disabilities through innovative programs:

Rise Adaptive Cyclery is a business started by a disabled woman who rents adaptive bikes for physically challenged kids and adults. The bikes can be rented along the beautiful Cincinnati riverfront at Sawyer Point, down by the Reds Stadium. We are eager to get Jason down there to give it a whirl!

Outreach: More and more people are sharing our Facebook page in their own networks, and we have reached our next goal of 150 likes. Help us get to 200–It’s easy to Share the CP page with your friends with one click and assists us with our reach.

Supporting his brother’s first 5K race

Jason: Our buddy is loving his summer, with swimming, zoo trips, mayor-of-the neighborhood duties, concerts, races and runs with the family, and lots of other fun activities. Here are a few recent pictures:

Grooving at a local concert with Mom!

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