Your involvement helps us celebrate!

First, watch the video–everyone else has!

Jason LOVES to sit at busy streets and say hello to cars. Wherever we’ve lived, Jason’s had a special place to sit, and he is quickly known as the “mayor” of his spot. People wave, honk, stop and chat, and even have been know to bring him presents!

A few weeks ago while sitting out, a special man named Jack stopped by. Jack is friends with a local car club called 1310, and he offered to organize a special drive by of the club’s special cars, just for Jason.

On Saturday, we didn’t quite know what to expect. We made some food, passed out some flyers in the neighborhood, and waited while Jack and co-organizer Dan got the cars together. Here’s what happened when they drove by:

  • Over 100 people showed up in person, many more than we expected
  • 26 high-performance cars, including top of the line Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes, a Lamborghini, and a Ferrari
  • Special appearances by cars loaned to employees by local BMW and Mercedes dealers for the day–their best models
  • A 3-car escort from the wildly supportive Blue Ash Police Department (click for more pics)
  • T-shirts and hats for Jason from BMW, Subaru, and a Fort Lauderdale Ferrari dealer
  • Many well-wishes for Jason from a kind and generous group of car enthusiasts and their friends and family
  • From 1310, over $800 in donations to the CP group we are supporting, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital CP Program
  • And this video of the drive-by, which quickly went viral

Four days later, 600,000 people from every continent have watched the video, and 1.5 million have visited our Facebook page

Words cannot describe it, but here are a few from co-organized Dan Foltz on his blog page.

Check out the Facebook page for hundreds of comments, too many for us to even read–though we are trying!

Below are a few pictures of the event, with many more on our Facebook page

More soon!

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