Your involvement helps us celebrate!

Here’s what’s new at Celebrating Perseverance:

Fundraising: Due to The Car Rally, we’ve nearly doubled our recent donations and now stand at nearly half our goal of $5,000 for the CP program. Besides the tremendous collective gift from the 1310 Car Club and our local neighborhood, we’ve also recently received generous gifts from William F., Josh Y., Uday S., and Laurie L. You all rock!

Car Rally: We can’t express enough words to show our gratitude to an entire world that came together for a truly special experience. Thank you SO much!

We are now at well over 1.3 million views of the Car Rally. The numbers are staggering: 3.2 million people reached, almost 30,000 shares, over a thousand comments from many, many countries. Best of all, there have been several offers of support to help host more events, even across the country! We can’t believe all the attention, and the possibilities of expanding this to reach more kids with disabilities are very exciting. Virtually all the comments have been positive. Here are a few:

I’ve been reading through all the comments, and for the vast majority of them I can’t help but think that this….this is how it should be. No hatred or venom or you vs. me, he vs. she. Just compassion and caring for a young man and his family, and for those of us that were fortunate enough to participate in this amazing experience.

“You guys made this kids day, if not his year! Good on you and this is something the world needs to look at! Spread this! Make it viral! Get people involved! Make these kids happy! Make your self happy! Everyone benefits here!

If I had such a car I would def do the same… only a few minutes out of your day to make someone else’s whole day.

Sorry I couldn’t make it from Alaska.

For all that participated, thank you for all of the joy you shared with this young man! And a huge thank you to Celebrating Perseverance for sharing this with the rest of us!”

Awareness: We are now at 994 likes on the Facebook page–who will be #1,000?

Jason: Last week, J spent time horseback riding at the Sundance Trail Ranch! More about this coming soon.

Training: Pete’s 100 miles for CP is coming up in only one month! He has one difficult training session this weekend, then it’s all downhill from there. Let’s hope he’s ready…Superior awaits!

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