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Pete says: Here I am on the outskirts of Duluth, Minnesota, wondering what’s in store for me tomorrow and how I’m possibly going to persevere through likely the greatest physical and mental challenge I’ve ever faced. One thing is clear and strong–my motivation to run for the inspiring and courageous kids with cerebral palsy, whose daily determination in the face of overwhelming challenges makes my effort pale by comparison.

The training is finished, well over 1,000 miles on the trails and roads of southwestern Ohio and as far as Georgia, Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. I’ve suffered through bitter cold temperatures as low as -14°F, and many days with unbearable heat and nearly 100% humidity until my body could withstand no more. I’ve sought out the toughest hills and rockiest terrain, and when that wasn’t enough, I’ve jumped off-trail into dense forested hillsides and through remote stream beds. It’s been nearly a year of struggle and daily triumph. I’ve tried many techniques, lots of clothes and equipment, and five pairs of since-spent shoes. I’ve made a number of lasting friends, and in joining much effort from many kind-hearted souls, I’ve helped in a small way to inspire a movement around CP awareness that has circled the globe.

But is it enough for the –Rugged, Relentless, Remote– brand that is The Superior 100? I have 38 hours to complete a very technical trail of 102 miles. There is 21,000 feet of elevation gain, many very steep climbs and descents, the real possibility of moose, bear, hornet nest, and wolf encounters, witnessing a sunrise and possibly two sunsets without sleep, what looks like unseasonably cool temperatures that may get close to freezing. On my side, and soothing my pounding heart, I have an incomparably beautiful, serene and peaceful setting amongst many newfound local and online friends, and the empowering knowledge that we are together making a difference.

38 hours.

Let’s find out!

I’ll try to post on the Facebook page during the race as best I can.

One thought on “The quest begins

  1. I am there with you in spirit! Stay strong and know that when the going gets really tough, you have supporters all over pulling for you. Godspeed and for crying out loud, BE CAREFUL! All the best, Ben


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