UntitledYour involvement helps us celebrate!

We called on you to help us raise support for Cerebral Palsy, and did you ever! Thanks to all your wildly generous and kind efforts, we’ve shattered our lofty goal of raising $5,000 for CP awareness. This princely sum will be used in its entirety to help CP kids in need in the Cincinnati Children’s CP Program. There are many superheroes in need that the program helps in many ways, from innovative therapies to providing the latest in adaptive equipment. We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help these worthy kids. Give yourselves a well-deserved round of applause!

Our latest supporters deserve some accolades: Pam A., Bob F., Steve K., Steve M., Sandip P., Alex and Meredith T., Jill W., Sara M., Yizhao N., Gabby P., Kristen S., and Melissa W. Not to forget, $1230 of anonymous donations, including an astounding $1,000 gift!!! We are truly humbled by this outpouring of good will.

Oh yes, and Pete did manage to finish his 100 miles for CP (actually, 103 miles, but who’s counting!). More about this next!

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