Your involvement helps us celebrate!

With this post, we are so excited to announce our new initiative–Howdy, Neighbors

Many of you know us from our previous efforts, Celebrating Perseverance, which focused on Cerebral Palsy awareness and philanthropy. Today, we are revealing a bit about our expanded plans, our new movement Howdy, Neighbors! Our idea is to further embrace the spirit of enthusiasm that we have witnessed in our son Jason, as he engages with his community. We’ve seen this spread like wildfire to many people he interacts with, and it has enriched many lives along with our own. We believe that this spirit is inherent in all of us, and we hope to highlight many examples of it as a way to remind ourselves about our wonderful shared humanity.

Howdy, Neighbors will include a rebrand of our Celebrating Perseverance blog and Facebook Page. We will continue to use our platform as a way to support causes for those with disabilities, and some of the outstanding organizations who support these folks. But we will also use Howdy, Neighbors as a way to celebrate human kindness by highlighting those who spread joy and love in their communities, both to those they know and to new friends.

In the coming weeks, look for our name to change from Celebrating Perseverance to Howdy, Neighbors across all of our outlets. As of today, our website has officially changed to We can also be reached by email at Please forgive our constantly changing appearance during this time.

We will also be announcing some new campaigns in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for all your support over the years! The best is yet to come!

–Lori, Pete, and Jason for all our friends at Howdy, Neighbors

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