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Check out our video of Jason greeting cars

Last Saturday, we had the privilege of attending the 5th Annual St Susanna Knights of Columbus Car Show, in nearby Mason OH. Every year, these fine folk invite dozens of vintage automobiles from car enthusiasts (112 this year), who show off their pride and skill. Proceeds and charitable contributions go to St Joseph Home, the non-profit organization that we have been working closely with this year.

On a hot day, with lots to see and many friendly and knowledgeable people to chat with. Also, a number of Jason’s friends and acquaintances from St Joseph Home’s day and in-house programs were there to check out all the sights.

While we were enjoying the show very much, Jason was getting a bit restless from the lack of action. You see, even though Jason loves his cars, he is usually interested only if they are actually moving–much to the consternation of these incredible artisans, who work painstakingly on their vehicles for years!

However, we finally discovered a secret–at the end of the day, the drivers pack up the autos and leave! And that’s when Jason saw his opportunity!

Many thanks to all these kind car enthusiasts for giving their time and effort on a scorching afternoon for a great cause! And we are so grateful to St Susanna and the Knights of Columbus for hosting such an important–and very successful–event for our partner St Joseph Home!

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