Week 2 of Honks for Jason is underway, and our last week has been the best yet, by far! Here’s some highlights, with lots of pictures below:

  • “Jason’s World Tour” Week 2 began Monday. So far, we’ve logged an astounding 10 Honking sessions at seven different locations. Many thanks to Starbucks Blue Ash, Junk King Cincinnati, Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant, and the City of Blue Ash first responders for graciously hosting us at their locations.
  • The official count is up to 4619 honks! Just because folks keep asking, it’s one honk per car per event, and yes, shouting “Honk” works just fine if you are walking or riding by.
  • Another tip: We always yell “Audi, Neighbor” whenever an Audi honks because that’s who we are
  • Good at counting? Nimble-fingered? Not easily distracted? Professional honk-counting may be in your future! We are now recruiting ambitious, eager, cheerful, and enthusiastic honk counters. Come by one of our Honk Sessions and try it out for an hour! The pay ($0/hr) is lousy and the “work” can be challenging, but it’s a lot of fun and you may even get away with adding it to your resume! Come on out and be one of the cool kids!
Learn from the professionals! Master honk-counter Ryan will teach you all the skills
you need to succeed in your new career.
  • In the next week, we have 9 more waving events scheduled. After that, we will take a 10-day hiatus to refresh and catch up on sleep before hitting the home stretch. Be sure to come by to honk or wave with us, as many folks are doing already.
  • Be sure to sign up for an event on Facebook if you can make it
  • Jason continues to bring his peers and friends from St Joseph Home and elsewhere to some of our events, check out the pictures below.
  • It’s hard to choose, but we think that our two favorite events in the last week were those hosted yesterday at Junk King Cincinnati and by the Blue Ash Police and Fire Departments.
  • At Junk King, we were treated to a 3X parade of all the Junk King trucks, complete with giant giraffes and other crazy animals. We think they were stuffed, but we aren’t quite sure. Enthusiastic CEO Jack Brendamore and super organizer Julie Weil led the whole Junk King team that brought plenty of energy. Be sure to check out this terrific business that donates most of its items to worthy causes such as St Joseph Home. Here’s a video that captured the spirit of the morning. What a great time!
  • We hardly had time to catch our breath before we headed off to our Blue Ash event. The Blue Ash first responders teamed together for an incredible afternoon! Police chief Scott Noel and Fire Chief Scott Theders hung out with us for a long time, as did a number of officers and crew. Best was a 2X parade of police cruisers and fire trucks that got Jason so excited, he almost bounced his wheelchair into orbit!
  • Special thanks to officer Beth Roach, who single-handedly organized a stellar event, Jason’s pal Officer Bill Fritts, and the City of Blue Ash for shouting the word out so loudly.
  • Both Junk King Cincinnati and the Blue Ash Police Fund were so very kind to make substantial donations to our partner St Joseph Home. Blue Ash pledged $1 for every honk we got, and we got a lot that hour!
  • We are so grateful for the amazing coverage of our Junk King and Blue Ash events by FOX19 News. Reporter Andrea Medina and her team covered both events and spent nearly 2 hours with us.
  • Missed the 3 separate news segments yesterday and this morning? Check it all out here.
  • The kind donations are still keeping ahead of the honks. As of today, we have raised more than $7000 for St Joseph Home. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support and love.
  • Looking to contribute? Our fundraising site, where you can sponsor honks ($1/honk) is here.
  • We also have a TEXT to GIVE option for donations: Just text the word HONKS to 44321
  • In the next week, our highlight events will be the Sharonville drive-by car procession (8/7 at 4 PM) and a redux at the Sharonville UPS Distribution Facility (8/10 at 9 AM).
  • We are finalizing quite a few additional events at a number of kind local businesses and organizations, so keep checking the schedule. If you would like to host Jason and his friends at your place of business, please drop us a line at howdyneighbors.org@gmail.com.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our many, many newest supporters, welcome to the Neighborhood!

  • Judy M
  • The Blue Ash Police Association
  • John S
  • Carrie A
  • Kristina G
  • Julie W
  • Kelly F
  • Catherine S
  • Toya J
  • Caroline P
  • Dawn & Big Al T
  • Emma from Starbucks
  • Audrey B
  • Ryan S
  • Thea & Rudy S
  • Several random people from the Blue Ash rally
  • Jeffrey R
  • Kendra S
  • Monica D
  • Susan M
  • Andrew M
  • Bryan R
  • Marcia A
  • Eileen Y
  • Jane R
  • Diane G
  • Billie J
  • Tammy & Nick
  • Jane S
  • The Blue Ash plant watering crew
  • Cata C
  • Don the tennis guy
  • Random guy in his car
  • Denise & Adam
  • The St Joseph Home Residence Staff
  • Lori & Ron K
  • Adam H
  • Michelle S
  • James S
  • Julie S
  • and three Anonymous Donors

Wave on!

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