Thanks to so many, many of you, we’ve reached what we thought might be an impossible goal–10,000 honks! And we did it in just over one month! Just so you know, we only allowed one honk per car per hour, even though we appreciated the long and frequent beeps from many of you!

Most importantly, each Honk represented another $1 donated to St Joseph Home!

Everyone has been so generous that we’ve actually raised a lot more than our initial goal of $10,000. As of today, we were nearing the $15,000 mark. So we feel obligated to earn those remaining honks that you generous donors have already pre-paid. Jason and company plan to keep at it for the next few weeks, either until we catch up to the donations or the cold weather catches up to us. That’s at least another 5,000 honks we need to get after. Check the schedule for all the upcoming events.

We have some really cool events coming up that are worth special mention:

Thursday, 9/23, 2:30-3:30 PM at Delta Hotels Marriott in Sharonville (across from the Sharonville Convention Center). Special appearance and performance by the Sharonville Fire Department!

Saturday, 9/25, 12-3 PM at the Lebanon Mason & Monroe Railroad in Lebanon. Join the LM&M Railroad to wave and honk with Jason, and ride the train! Opportunities to tour the train, blow the locomotive whistle, and enter a raffle for upcoming train events. Watch the first responder parade and then visit the nearby Feast and Fall-y and Country Apple Festivals!

Tuesday, 9/28, 3:30-4:30 PM at Loroco Industries in Blue Ash. Join Jason’s good friends and local neighbors, including Through The Garden Restaurant, Sammy’s Gourmet Burgers, and Fretboard Brewing to wave at the cars and many trucks that rumble by.

Thursday, 9/30, 4-6 PM at Third Eye Brewpub and Restaurant in Sharonville. Our friends at Third Eye are generously donating 10% of all drink proceeds to St Joseph Home for the entire day! Join us out front, in the big tent, or on the balcony to encourage the honks on Chester Road. Join the Guess The Honks contest to see if you can be closest to guessing how many honks we can get in an hour.

We had an awesome time in the last few weeks with our most recent Honks sponsors: Starbucks Evendale, That Dog Cafe, CDS Signs, and Midwest Best BBQ. Many thanks go out to Bruce and Angelina at That Dog, Chip at CDS, and Nicole, Tim, Mark, and the whole crew at MBB! These are all terrific businesses and restaurants that we frequent, so please consider giving them a look.

Finally, be on the lookout when we announce some really amazing events in the next few weeks!

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