Walkin’ and Rollin’: A Big Thank You!

Your involvement helps us celebrate! Last Saturday, May 22nd, we had the honor of participating in the Walk and Roll. This is an annual fundraiser for one of the organizations that Howdy, Neighbors supports, the St Joseph Home for kids and adults with severe disabilities. Jason and his friends had a great time "running" the … Continue reading Walkin’ and Rollin’: A Big Thank You!

Howdy, Neighbors!

Your involvement helps us celebrate! With this post, we are so excited to announce our new initiative--Howdy, Neighbors!  Many of you know us from our previous efforts, Celebrating Perseverance, which focused on Cerebral Palsy awareness and philanthropy. Today, we are revealing a bit about our expanded plans, our new movement Howdy, Neighbors! Our idea is … Continue reading Howdy, Neighbors!

Year’s end appreciation

Your involvement helps us celebrate! Heading into the New Year, we at Celebrating Perseverance wish everyone joy and prosperity for a great 2016! We also want to thank all of our contributors for an incredible experience this year. Together, we've managed to raise over $7,000 for the CP Program at Cincinnati Children's. This support is … Continue reading Year’s end appreciation

Missions Accomplished!

Your involvement helps us celebrate! We called on you to help us raise support for Cerebral Palsy, and did you ever! Thanks to all your wildly generous and kind efforts, we've shattered our lofty goal of raising $5,000 for CP awareness. This princely sum will be used in its entirety to help CP kids in … Continue reading Missions Accomplished!

The quest begins

Your involvement helps us celebrate! Pete says: Here I am on the outskirts of Duluth, Minnesota, wondering what's in store for me tomorrow and how I'm possibly going to persevere through likely the greatest physical and mental challenge I've ever faced. One thing is clear and strong--my motivation to run for the inspiring and courageous … Continue reading The quest begins

Supporting the miles

Your involvement helps us celebrate! Ten more days until Pete is attempting to run 100 miles for the cause! Can you join him in his support? Our recent fundraising has continued its success, and we are now only $1000 from our goal of raising $5K for Cincinnati Children's. Let's see if we can get there … Continue reading Supporting the miles

Special Announcement!

Your involvement helps us celebrate! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! In celebration of our Facebook page receiving 1000 LIKES, an anonymous donor has pledged to match all donations through this Friday, August 21st (up to $600.00!). If you want to help more special kids like Jason, please consider contributing at our Cincinnati Children's Hospital Community Fundraiser page! Please … Continue reading Special Announcement!

Up To Date

Your involvement helps us celebrate! Here's what's new at Celebrating Perseverance: Fundraising: Due to The Car Rally, we've nearly doubled our recent donations and now stand at nearly half our goal of $5,000 for the CP program. Besides the tremendous collective gift from the 1310 Car Club and our local neighborhood, we've also recently received … Continue reading Up To Date

The World Comes Together for CP

  Your involvement helps us celebrate! First, watch the video--everyone else has! Jason LOVES to sit at busy streets and say hello to cars. Wherever we’ve lived, Jason’s had a special place to sit, and he is quickly known as the “mayor” of his spot. People wave, honk, stop and chat, and even have been … Continue reading The World Comes Together for CP

Jason’s Awesome Daytime Job

  Your involvement helps us celebrate! July 21st: Here's what's new with us: CP news: The Brewhaus Baking Company (BBC) is an amazing local organization that supports kids with disabilities through innovative programs. BBC is an organization that we learned about through Jason's high school, and one that he participated in to his great delight. This … Continue reading Jason’s Awesome Daytime Job