The Laurel Highlands Monsters

Your contribution helps kids persevere! Pete versus the Laurel Highlands Monsters It was a dark and stormy night. Heading back to the hotel after the pre-race meal, I was filled with apprehension. Just how tough was this course, and how bad would the weather be? And what else could the trail throw my way? I'd … Continue reading The Laurel Highlands Monsters

Happy Father’s Day

Your contribution helps CP kids persevere! Best wishes to everyone for Father's Day today! We also want to specially acknowledge our most recent donors, Niki R., John S., and Etienne M. for their kind donations to Cincinnati Children's. Thanks so much!

Pigs CAN fly

Your contribution helps us celebrate! May 3rd: Today was a big day in Cincinnati--the annual running of the Flying Pig Marathon! Jason is the world's greatest running race enthusiast, either if he is "running" in his stroller in a race, or if he is cheering on others along the sidelines. In the past, he was … Continue reading Pigs CAN fly

Walking with Knox

Your contribution helps us celebrate! April 19th: Today, we had a chance to make some new friends who newly experienced the great Cincinnati Children's Cerebral Palsy Program. Today, Jason and his brother Ryan headed to Winton Woods with Pete to join the Walk With Knox. Knox is a very cute, energetic, and wonderfully enthusiastic young … Continue reading Walking with Knox