Howdy, Neighbors is proud and excited to announce our first campaign for 2021, Honks for Jason!

Honks for Jason is inspired by our son Jason’s love of waving to cars and people. The idea is simple–we will count each honk that Jason gets when cars drive by, and we will wave with joy in return. We hope to get to 10,000 honks in the next few weeks, and we think we can do it!

Starting on July 26th, we will be out at various locations in Blue Ash, Sharonville, and surrounding communities looking for your honks!

How can you get involved? There are lots of ways:

  • Find one of the locations and times on the “Jason World Tour” and stop by!
  • When you stop by, be sure to spend a few minutes waving with us
  • Spread the word by telling your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone that wants to be part of this cool event
  • Share our Facebook posts with your social media friends
  • Consider supporting us by “buying” a number of Honks. 100% of your gift goes to St Joseph Home to support people with complex disabilities.
  • Hook us up with local businesses–we will sit outside any safe place in the area with traffic out front
  • Don’t forget to honk!

11 thoughts on “Honks for Jason!

    1. Hi Michelle, great question! We are setting this up as we speak and expect to have it all set up with St Joseph Home before the campaign begins July 26th. Stay tuned, and we will let everyone know when we are officially ready to start taking donations. Thanks so much for considering to sponsor some honks!


  1. This has been shared on the Sharonvillians page. My heart is full seeing all the smiles Jason brings to the community. Great work, Jason!

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    1. Thank you so much, Julie! We are looking forward to seeing you and will definitely be in Sharonville a few times in the next few weeks. Jason’s favorite locations currently include watching the mail trucks at the town square, seeing the UPS trucks leave their facility on Canal Road, helping the “ticket takers” at Sharon Woods, and hanging out in Vincenzo’s parking lot with his St Joseph Home day program buddies. Be sure to introduce yourself when you drive by!


  2. Is this the Jason from Cornell road? We’ve been honking for a couple of years and we miss Jason when he’s not out there to make us smile😁 I stopped once and actually met him and thanked him and his caregiver for making our day – his smile is infectious !!!

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    1. Hi Janet–yes it is! We greatly appreciate your support and stopping by! We will be out there as much as possible this summer and hope to meet you again.


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